Shaft Couplings

1. SHAFT COUPLINGS A. Para-Flex Couplings Para-Flex Couplings employ a molded, non-lubricated elastomeric flexing member loaded in shear. B. D-Flex Couplings D-Flex Couplings employ a molded, non-lubricated elastomeric flexing sleeve loaded in shear. C. Poly-Disc Poly-Disc Couplings are a pin type coupling using a molded polyurethane disc. D. Grid-Lign Couplings Grid-Lign Couplings are tapered grid style hubs, grids, and covers which are interchangeable with other industry standard tapered grid couplings. E. Gear Couplings Dodge Gear Couplings are power dense and capable of transmitting high torque at high speeds while still remaining inherently well balanced. Gear Couplings transmit torque by the mating of two hubs with external gear teeth that are joined by flanged sleeves with internal gear teeth. F. Chain Couplings Chain Couplings transmit torque through two hubs with hardened sprocket teeth and a double width roller chain.

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